the future of has been a project of need and education for me for the past ten years or so. It began as a place for me to share instructional materials and hone my html. Then when I became SRA, it was obvious there was no easy way to track all the assessments, training and fitness requirements for the 100 or so grade 7 and higher referees, so the website continued to grow into what it is today.

There were a few vocal individuals with concerns that I was doing this for some sort of monetary gain, although money was never discussed until this past spring when I was asked how much I wanted to maintain the website. There was also concern that I would shut down if I ever stepped away from the NTX referee program.

To ease all those worries, I have donated to NTX Soccer effective August 1, 2016. We are currently working thru the details of transferring the domain ownership and moving the website to another host server. There may be a few days downtime during the transfer but don't worry, will still be around.

a public thank you

When I started as a referee in Jan of 1990, I had no idea I'd end up here some 26 years later. I can still remember Jim Finger and Mike Kenney writing on that flip chart.

As I step away from the referee community, I want to publicly thank three people for what they have done for me:

The first, Fred Hiler, seemed to know everything about the Laws of the Game when I was coming up as a referee. Without knowing it, he pushed me to learn more than I could have imagined. It soon became a goal to know 'all I could know' about the Laws of the Game. For years after I became an instructor, I would become tongue tied when he walked into the room worried that I would say something incorrect, which again pushed me to learn more.

The second, Mike Kenney, the instructor I wanted to be like, such command of the room. As he passed me on my last State assessment, he told me he thought my real value to the referee program would be as an instructor. By getting me involved with him in the instruction of new instructors, I learned more about instructing and overcoming my fear of public speaking than I can properly thank him for.

The third, David Almos. I learned more about officiating and myself as an official in one weekend from him at the State Assessor clinic, than I had previously learned in many years as an official.

A big, heartfelt "Thank You" to the three gentlemen above and all of you for the past 26 years.

Art Keeton